Ana Serrano

In preparation for our upcoming show “Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives in America” we asked the artists participating a few questions so that you can get to know them and their work. The first one up is los Angeles based artist Ana Serrano.

Ana Serrano

Ana Serrano

Ana Serrano

Ana Serrano is a first generation Mexican American born in Los Angeles in 1983. Inspired by both of the cultural contexts in her life, she creates work utilizing a variety of mediums including drawing, collage, sculpture, and motion. Her work bears reference to those in low socio-economic positions, with particular interest in their customs and beliefs, as well as the architecture, fashion, and informal economies, present within this segment of society. A current theme explored in her work is the socio-cultural aspects of drug trafficking, and the branding and acceptance of the drug lord lifestyle. She recently graduated from Art Center College of Design with honors, and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Ana will be participating in the show “Desmadre : Fresh Latino Perspectives in America” May 14th at Vermillion Gallery in Seattle

Where are you from? What is your heritage?

Born in los angeles, to mexican parents.

_mg_6662 What is the medium that you most commonly work in?

For the most part, cardboard.

What tends to inspire you and your work?

A combination of the following: interesting people, places, stories I’ve heard or read about, Latin America, vernacular architecture, films, photography, current events….

If it was not for art I would be………..?

That’s a tough one…..I think I would have majored in cultural sociology and who knows where that would have taken me.

Do you have any artistic relatives? if so what do they do?

None, but my family sure is supportive and take interest in whatever I’m doing.



Is music part of your creative process? What do you listen to most?

I love music, but I feel that films/animation/music videos are a bigger part of my creative process, I love wes anderson and michel gondry films, I love stop action animation, I always play movies when I work.

What food most reminds you of home?

Barbacoa, frijoles puercos, and rice cause we had it (and still do sometimes) at EVERY birthday party, quinceñera, baptism, first communion, wedding, baby shower, etc.!!! Oh also, capirotada, nopales, rice with bananas (trust me, it’s delicious), and a bolillo with beans and mayo..oh I could keep this list going for days..

When you are with family do speak mostly in english or espanol?

To mom, grandparents, and older aunts and uncles, I speak spanish, and to younger aunts and uncles and cousins in both languages but mostly english.



What do you think could help raise the profile of young Latino artists here in America?

I think the most important thing anybody can do is to motivate and validate these artists, to let them know that what they are doing is important and that there is an audience. Any act, regardless how small, that motivates and validates young artist helps raise their profile.

Is there a connection between Latino artists here in the US and those throughout the hemisphere?

Definitely, I think it comes from a unique shared sensibility and outlook.

Anybody you would like to thank or acknowledge?

i’m always thankful to have the best mom in the world:)

View more of Ana’s work at


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