Jeaneen Carlino

Jeaneen Carlino will be showing her art at “Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives” May 14th Virmillion Gallery Seattle.

Jeaneen Carlino is a Los Angeles based artist who graduated from Art Center College of Design in 2007. Her artwork effortlessly harmonizes fantastical daydreams conjured through personal experiences intriguing to her. The female figure is an integral re-occurring subject in her work. These women deeply resonate with their audience via their strong enigmatic yet simultaneously serene attributes, which challenge the mind through their inner and ideal beauty. Jeaneen attempts to present an environment that will visually stimulate and excite the viewer through her self expression and love for bringing beautiful imagery to life. She is also inspired by Mexican motifs, traditional Indian and African art, mosaic textiles, geometric patterns and vibrant colors. Her work is influenced by the juxtaposition of natural images occurring within the urban landscape. She also enjoys creating stencils and incorporating them into her work, along with collaging scraps ranging from incense packaging to trash that she collects at random.


Where are you from? What is your heritage?

I am from Los Angeles, Ca. I am Mexican, Spanish and Italian.

What is the medium that you most commonly work in?

My mediums vary. But I really enjoy using acrylics, color pencils, graphite, spray paint and gold/silverleaf. I like to mix mediums together a lot.


What tends to inspire you and your work?

My work seems to evolve itself as I expand my interests. At the moment, I am inspired by vibrant cultural motifs, native women, fashion, decorative jewelry, geometric organic designs, indian miniatures, exotic animals, nature and flourescent colors. My goal is to give my women a strong individual identity within their fantastical, vivid landscape.

If it was not for art I would be………..?

If I wasn’t so absorbed in art, I’d probably have a more conventional lifestyle with much more consistency and money to spend. But loving art makes up for all that.


Is music part of your creative process? What do you listen to most?

Music is imperative to my creative process. I usually like listening to stuff that’s upbeat, like dub reggae, electro, indie, ambient, brazilian, hip hop, folk, jazz, ska and dance hall. Just to name a few…

What food most reminds you of home?

Chicken taquitos. It’s a common favorite food from my childhood.

When you are with family do you speak mostly in english or espanol?

I only speak English. My parents didn’t teach me Spanish. However, I’ve been surrounded by it all my life.

Ya Basta

Ya Basta

What do you think could help raise the profile of young Latino artists here in America?

The only way to accomplish this is to focus on competing with yourself. As any contemporary artist, having an innovative and honest vision will naturally set you apart from others. Just tap into that special place that drives your spirit to create and you can’t fail.

Is there a connection between Latino artists here in the US and those throughout the hemisphere?

I suppose there could be. I think a persons region plays a huge role in their individual make up. However, we all exist in the same generation, so we can reciprocate inspiration through each other, connecting our creativity together unconsciously.

Anybody you would like to thank or acknowledge?

For sure. Thank you to my loved ones. Thank you to those that live their life with faith, meaning and purpose. Thank you to those that help shape my life journey. And thank you to those that take an interest in my artistic voice.


You can see more of Jeaneen Carlino’s work at


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