Michael Alvarez

Los Angeles based artist Michael Alvarez.


Where are you from? What is your heritage?

I am from Los Angeles.

What is the medium that you most commonly work in?

I most commonly work in oils, I also like to work 3-dimensionally, when I have the time.

What tends to inspire you and your work?

Everything I’ve experienced. All of my hobbies and favorite pastimes. Freinds and family. Things that I question and things that make me laugh. I also like details that make up environments and that make people. Sociology.


If it was not for art I would be………..?


Do you have any artistic relatives? if so what do theydo?

My sister is going to FIDM, and my dad is a really talented carpenter. I haven’t had an artist by trade in my family, but there are talented individuals for sure.

Is music part of your creative process? What do youlisten to most?

Music all day. I definitely helps put me in the zone to work.

What food most reminds you of home?

Al Pastor Burrito’s from La Estrella in Highland Park, Pho from Pho 79, and anything my grandma’s have made.

When you are with family do speak mostly in english or espanol?

English. I’m embarrassed to say that I’m pretty terrible at speaking Spanish. I’m working on it though.


What do you think could help raise the profile of young Latino artists here in America?

I think it’s up to the artists to work hard to get their work out there. Myself included, that’s for sure. I also think it’s important to be honest to who you are and what intrigues you. Also to not be too scared to share all the weird qualities that make us individuals. If your latino culture is part of that, than share it.

Is there a connection between Latino artists here in the US and those throughout the hemisphere?

I’m sure there is. We’re all creating work through different personal experiences, but the feelings that our experiences trigger are universal.

Anybody you would like to thank or acknowledge?

Lynn, friends and family. My Outsider, Down to Rock friends, and Alvaro in Chile.



You can see more of Michael Alvarez at www.michaelalvarezart.com


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