Marco Zamora

Marco Zamora was born and currently lives and works in Pomona, California. In 2004 he graduated from California Institute of the Arts, with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Using the paintbrush and pen to draw, Marco develops imagery about the urban landscape and the people that inhabit it. Producing a richly complex and experimental image, Marco goes into a neighborhood and shoots a spot, recontectualizing and collaging figures to create each paintings identity. City life, his culture, color/scale experimentation, and the working class have influenced his artwork. Splitting his time between painting and apparel design, Marco’s recent work can be seen in a variety of Van’s ads and collaboration projects as well as galleries up and down the west coast. You can see new works by Marco Zamora at “Desmadre: Fresh Latino Perspectives” May 14th at Vermillion Gallery Seattle.


Where are you from? What is your heritage?

Pomona, California. I am Nicaraguan and Mexican.

What is the medium that you most commonly work in?

Ink and watercolor.


What tends to inspire you and your work?

Everyday situations. People. Living. Riding. Work. Travel. Things. Memories.

If it was not for art I would be………..?


Do you have any artistic relatives? if so what do they do?

I have one other cousin that makes paintings and others that are pursuing acting but everybody is creative in their own way.

Is music part of your creative process? What do you listen to most?

Honestly, I listen to everything it just depends on what I’m doing. But the last album I bought was Crystal Castles.

What food most reminds you of home?

Dang that’s hard, my parents would cook all the time and it would always be something new. From my mom I would have to say Tacos, and from my dad, Shrimp Cocktails.


When you are with family do speak mostly in english or espanol?


What do you think could help raise the profile of young Latino artists here in America?

For me, I don’t think of myself as a Latino artist. I am an artist. Make art, put yourself out there and keep pushing.

Is there a connection between Latino artists here in the US and those throughout the hemisphere?

Yes and no. Every artist is different and has a different experience and reason for making what they make.

Anybody you would like to thank or acknowledge?

My family, fiancé and friends for always supporting what I do.


You can see more of Marco Zamora’s arte at



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  2. Aimee Guzman

    wow. awesome style.

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