Los Desmadrosos

Desmadre Arte is a collective effort by curators Jose Tapia and Damion Hayes and artist Julio Guerrero to showcase emerging artists who are incorporating traditional latino cultural themes within contemporary works. Our goal is to shed light on a growing movement amongst latino artists who are exploring and incorporating cultural roots while creating work that expresses the 21st century realities and complexities of life. To do this we are producing artshows that revolve around these themes as well as maintain this website to showcase the artists we feel best represent these ideals. Our first show, Desmadre, will open May 14th, 2009 at Vermillion Gallery in Seattle, Wa.

You can contact us at desmadreart(at)gmail.com


2 responses to “Los Desmadrosos

  1. Ricardo Padilla

    I really enjoyed your show @ Vermillion….the music was “Naco”, the art was fabulous, and a lot of “Raza” showed up at Opening I attented. My big mistake is that I should have bought that digital print by “Germs” -Jaime Zacarias. Do u still have it available? How much? Any others?

    I am also a compatriot from Huntington Park, now living in San Pancho, Califas., so it would be special to add his work to my collection.

    Anyway , Congrats, your’e doing excellent work and hope to hear from u soon.

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre,

    Ricardo Padilla

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